We focus on improving the effectiveness and reach of small enterprise capacity development, and do this in three ways:

  • We help build effective ecosystems in our core geographies
  • We develop strategic partnerships with globally significant SME capacity builders that are innovative and have the potential to execute scalable, high-impact work
  • We rigorously evaluate what works, and what does not, in the programmes we support, and share our learnings with others

In a world of significant social and environmental challenges, SMEs need to consider how to incorporate sustainability into their core business models. We are exploring ways in which they can do this more effectively, and continue to support SMEs that are mindful of their wider social and environmental obligations through appropriate interventions.


We have a comprehensive process of structuring our grant proposals and reviewing our projects’ outcomes. We aim to increase our impact by making the best possible decisions, based on continuous learning from our own experience and external sources.

We use the Return of Total Investment (ROTI) measurement tool as a proxy indicator. It allows us to compare across partners, countries, regions and themes, and thus informs investment decisions and on-going grant management.

We continually review our measurement tools and support our grantees to build their own robust and effective systems of monitoring, evaluation and learning.

Funding Guidelines

The Argidius Foundation funds projects and organisations that:

  • support business and revenue growth;
  • are cost effective;
  • involve innovation and reasonable risk;
  • are scalable or replicable;
  • reflect capable management and a sound approach;
  • have social and/or environmental benefits;
  • have a potential for poverty reduction;
  • include robust partnerships beneficial for project implementation;
  • have a sound exit strategy;
  • have a potential to leverage Argidius’ funding;
  • have the potential to become sustainable over time;
  • are located in East Africa or Central America.


Our due diligence process includes a safeguarding assessment to protect the safety of children and vulnerable adults. We request all our partners to have relevant safeguarding measures – including safe recruitment, staff training and reporting procedures – in place.

Funding Requests

If you have a project idea that meets the criteria described in the funding guidelines, please feel free to send a one page description, including amount of funding needed, to

Given the high amount of requests we receive, we will only contact you if an internal review shows that your project meets our funding criteria.


All major grants are subject to an external evaluation. The evaluation reports will be made public here in due time.