Argidius promotes the growth of small and medium sized enterprises (SME) in order to improve the lives of the poor through increased income generation.

Theory of Change

We are convinced that inclusive economic growth is one of the primary drivers of change in low income countries.

We believe that the development of SMEs is critical to achieve sustainable development. Businesses create employment and generate income, and are therefore key to reducing poverty.

In developing countries, the small business sector is relatively under-served, resulting in what is known as the “missing middle”. By supporting the emergence of an effective, attractive and viable ecosystem of SME development services, we can help build SME capacity, improve their productivity and sustainability, and extend their access to markets and finance. In this way we leverage our resources to create positive change.


Values and Principles

Our work is inspired by Catholic Social Teaching. Human dignity and the rich potential embedded in every person are at the centre of our values. We believe that every person should flourish.

We commit to support people to help themselves and discover their own talents so that they grow and contribute to their communities. We believe that every person should have the autonomy and responsibility to make his or her unique contribution to society. We adhere to the principle of subsidiarity.

We promote sustainability so that the actions of today contribute to the well being of current and future generations. Compassion, service, justice and integrity guide everything we do.


The Argidius Foundation is a Swiss-based charitable foundation. The foundation’s governance comprises a Foundation Board, an Investment Committee and an Executive Director. The Board of the Foundation decides on grant requests that are recommended by the Investment Committee. The Executive Director, Nicholas Colloff, is responsible for the day-to-day management of the foundation’s activities and is assisted by a Grant Manager, an Evaluation Manager and a Project Assistant.