Evaluation: Partner Perception Report 2019 – Argidius Foundation by the Centre for Effective Philanthropy

In 2019, we commissioned the Centre for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) to carry out our first ‘’Grantee Perception Report’’. The survey collected feedback from 40 of our partners, highlighting both the positive aspects of working with Argidius, as well as areas for improvement.

Key Findings:

  • The results showed that our partners regard Argidius as an expert in the small and medium enterprise development field, and as having significant positive impact on our field:
    • Partners commented on high quality, clear and useful, processes, flexibly deployed by an attentive team that provide feedback especially in the areas of organisational development, testing and learning.
    • Partners made helpful recommendations to further deepen support in these areas.
  • However, the results also identified areas for improvement. The two priorities we have identified for improvement are:
    • Responsiveness: survey respondents rated Argidius’ responsiveness as lower than average.
      • We have revised our approval process and are exploring measures to better communicate expectations.
    • Reporting: respondents reported spending much more time than average on monitoring reporting and evaluation processes, and rated the reporting processes as less straightforward than average (albeit the usefulness of these processes was rated higher than average)
      • We are considering how to build capacity such that partners further understand the relevance and use of M&E. At the same time, we have clarified reporting requirements, developed examples and are assessing opportunities to simplify and clearly communicate the process and accompanying templates.

We are grateful for the sincere feedback shared by our partners and the opportunity to have an informed look at ourselves.

See a summary of the key findings and find below the full report: