Report: Networking Works: Peer-to-peer business networks help Small and Growing Businesses grow revenues and create jobs

Two peer-to-peer business networks which Argidius have supported have consistently delivered impact: member businesses have experienced high annual revenue growth for 3+ years, and jobs have been created cost-effectively. Both networks embody six key success factors, common among the Foundation’s highest performers.

This report, developed with Dalberg, drawing on both evidence and expertise:

  1. Looks at the impact networks can have on business outcomes
  2. Explains the six key success factors behind their success
  3. Makes the case for funders to pay attention to and support peer-to-peer business networks, and
  4. Provides insights aimed to help SGB Practitioners to strengthen or complement their offering.

Networking Works Report
Networking Works Report Español
Networking Works Learning Brief
Networking Works Infographic