Photo Credits


  • Carpinteria Los Robles – Courtesy of Root Capital

Who we are

  • Mission: Woman Looming, Courtesy of Helvetas
  • Theory of Change: Calzados Levi Sewing, Courtesy of Thriive
  • Values and Principles: Street in Guatemala, Courtesy of Oxfam
  • Governance: Karla Corichi (Ta’akbil Ja), Courtesy of Agora Partnerships

What we do

  • Activities: Farmer with Passion Fruit, Courtesy of Catholic Relief Services
  • Focus Regions: Serviplus, Courtesy of Thriive
  • Grantees: Plant Splitting Workshop, Courtesy of Catholic Relief Services
  • Annual Reports: Woman with Chayotes, Courtesy of Alterna

How we work

  • Strategy: Woman with Cacao Tree, Courtesy of Root Capital
  • Impact: Recycling, Courtesy of Thriive
  • Funding Guidelines: Farmer with Seedlings, Courtesy of Catholic Relief Services
  • Funding Requests: Townhall, Courtesy of Alterna
  • Evaluation: Man with Register, Courtesy of TechnoServe

Información en Español

  • Dilver Guerrero Roman from Enerselva, Courtesy of Santa Clara University
  • Owners of Restaurant Kato, Courtesy of TechnoServe
  • Purificadora de Agua Celaque, Courtesy of TechnoServe

Renseignements en Francais

  • Soy Bean Farmer, Courtesy of SOFIGIB
  • Men Packing Product, Courtesy of TechnoServe
  • Woman in Store, Courtesy of TechnoServe