Report: Recommendations For Supporting The Development Of Entrepreneurs Working In Guatemala’s Light Manufacturing Sectors

In 2018 Argidius engaged Endeavor Insight to identify practical insights for better supporting manufacturing enterprises in Guatemala using their entrepreneurship network mapping and research methodology.

This memo shares a series of recommendations for local and international decision makers who wish to foster the growth of a productive entrepreneurship community in this industry, including:

  • Decision makers should prioritize recruiting the leaders of successful manufacturing companies in Guatemala to support upcoming light manufacturing founders.
    • Guatemala currently has more than 40 successful, entrepreneurial manufacturing companies with over 100 employees, most of which are family-owned businesses. However almost no examples were identified of these companies supporting upcoming entrepreneurs. There is a huge opportunity to leverage skills and experience of those who have already succeeded
  • Leaders can implement “quick win” strategies to address the challenges of fast-growing firms. For example, factory tours of the most successful firms will expose other firms and their senior leadership to good management practices, and build relationships between executives working in similar functional areas.

Find all the recommendations in the Memo.